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Business & Technology Planning

Developing effective business strategy and technology planning is a process, not an event.  It involves defining and supporting a unified vision while executing a logical set of steps that results in an outcome accepted by corporate and business-unit leadership, as well as by the IT organization.

Focus on IT Alignment

The ability for IT management to achieve full alignment with the business requires an understanding of the preconditions for alignment. Successful IT organizations have accomplished this by implementing high-impact, well planned process improvement programs that go beyond executive level conversation and impact the entire IT organization.

Ranger assists organizations with addressing alignment issues, such as perception of high cost, poor service delivery and ineffective IT planning with a structured approach to organizational management, IT framework development and portfolio management processes.  Our client driven methodology for aligning IT with the business is a multi-step discipline that includes the services listed below:

IT Organizational Structure & Alignment - Ranger has implemented wholesale IT reorganizations, and has managed organizational transformation through the introduction of service management processes and concerted efforts to change IT into service and process-oriented entities.

SDLC Methodology/IT Frameworks Review - Ranger leverages a model based on leading practices, as well as our own expertise, to assess the IT function and identify improvement areas. This approach ensures that we utilize the most applicable and practical methodologies for our client needs, while customizing our delivery framework accordingly.

Application Portfolio Strategy - In most organizations, an application portfolio covers a broad spectrum, including personal office systems, department-specific applications and enterprise applications. At Ranger, our consultants assist companies to develop a better understanding of the costs and business value of major applications in partnership with their business owners.

Software Selection - Choosing the most effective software package to address a major business problem can be a precarious process.  An organization’s enterprise-wide business and technology needs are difficult to measure, as business owners often have trouble mapping business goals with the technology environment.  Ranger’s Software Selection Framework employs a comprehensive scoring methodology based on user requirements in order to achieve transparency and determine the best options for a successful transition.

IT Governance - By leveraging a governance process for evaluating and implementing IT-related initiatives, while building an exceptions process to manage innovative ways of using new technologies,  Ranger clients can be assured that they are managing their business needs without losing focus on the IT issues at hand.

A Return to Industry Growth and New Market Volatility Drive the Need for Adaptive IT Strategies

The movement towards a more adaptive IT service model includes the business ownership of IT innovation and evolving transparency of IT organizations into functional components. In order to help maximize financial prudence and business value for our clients, Ranger advises IT organizations towards the adopting the following disciplines:

  • elasticity – speed of response and flexibility of service; 
  • demand-led service to your stakeholders and end users; and, 
  • contribution to the business to keep IT on the corporate agenda.

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