Within eCommerce, the boundaries between technology and business do not exist.  Enterprises must continuously assess business models, operational processes and IT infrastructures within the context of each other.  Recognizing these issues, Ranger provides customized solutions that enable clients to address the following areas to achieve eCommerce success:

  • Create, evaluate and execute an eCommerce plan in the context of the client's business, technology, market position, and competitive environment
  • Assess and redefine core business processes to support new transition models
  • Develop eMarketing strategies, including Social Media, SEO, promotions, Google analytics and communications strategies
  • Design and engineer web sites or intranets
  • Create user interface design, audience mapping, UX specifications (Wireframes), navigation and visual design
  • Integrate third party systems with eCommerce platforms and back-office tools and systems
  • Host and develop clients' eCommerce applications with rapid response and metrics-oriented service               

Ranger believes there are three fundamental factors that dictate the success of an eCommerce initiative: speed, innovation, and delivery.

Speed - The world offers zero tolerance for those that do not act rapidly; eCommerce development and implementations must not only be delivered rapidly but must provide organizations with the capability to instantly respond to changing consumer preferences, competitive challenges, and unpredictable market conditions.

Innovation - To fully capitalize on eCommerce opportunities, companies need to establish and then continuously challenge their eCommerce vision. In addition to meeting immediate market demand, the delivered solution must provide the scalability to support the organization as it innovates and identifies new ways of deploying services across global business partners and customers.

Delivery - Speed and innovation are essential criteria for survival in eCommerce, however both contribute to a high risk factor inherent in developing eCommerce solutions. One of the biggest challenges your firm will face is delivering an eCommerce solution correctly the first time, in a highly complex, multi-discipline Web development environment. Ranger helps you mitigate the risk involved towards achieving eCommerce success.

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