Web Development


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Web Development

Ranger implements the technologies and platforms that ultimately drive an organization’s response to demand for its consumer technologies and social interaction.  Our consulting services are focused on helping our clients address the shifts to key technology platforms leveraging cloud, mobile, and social computing.

Organization’s Demands for Speed, Economy and Agility

As organizations continue to confront the realities of cost reduction while recognizing the business value of their IT investments, they are looking for opportunities to get more out of their aging technology portfolio. This requires the ability to map technology assets to a more demanding and collaborative business environment, characterized by agile processes and mobile workforces. This trend is resulting in the creation of a new layer of applications based on social networking concepts to allow a much larger community of users (business end users, customers, and strategic partners) to access and collaborate around operational data using a variety of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Ranger’s Web Development services include:

  • Full Lifecycle Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Portal Development (SharePoint)
  • Application Architecture

Ranger’s web solutions are typically constructed with an industry leading and logically separated three-tier model, composed of web servers at the front, application servers in the middle and a database server at the back, the point at which all the data and configuration is stored. Our multi-tier architectures have an intentional, heavy focus on security and performance.

Creating Value and Competitive Advantage with a Revised Application Architecture Plan

Ranger's Web Development Team can work with you to translate your organization's business model objectives into a strategic information technology "blueprint" designed to achieve the optimum balance with your current or planned IT resources. Using an enterprise-wide approach, we help you answer your most challenging questions, including:

  • How do I leverage current application investment to ensure maximum utilization?
  • How can I translate new mobile and data technology requirements into a business advantage?
  • How can I maximize the performance of my application platforms?
  • How can I identify critical future integration and interconnection issues?

By putting Ranger's Web Development team to work, your company can do more than automate processes and data; you can discover new ways to manage and explore your information assets. The insightful application of technology in support of your company’s long-range business strategy can lead to the creation of new business opportunities and result in a sustainable competitive advantage.